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  1. A.  Introduction:

    gbRRDGraphix is a Graphical Interface dedicate for the usage of a great software named ‘RRDtool’ created by Tobias Oetiker on Linux and Unix.

    This one allow you to create graphics with many options from data collected in time from network and computer equipments essentially. It is used by many network and monitoring softwares.

    This graphical interface have as primary gold to simplify the usage of the ‘rrdtool’ software. Of course, for the needs of the graphical interface, you could find a simple Scheduler to add data in the ‘rrdtool’ databases and a little Web Site to display the graphics created by ‘rrdtool graph’.

    All components of this pack of softwares can be used independently for different usages. The Graphical Interface, principal element, can be used in many cases. She allow, most of all, manipulate and use the majority of possibilities of ‘rrdtool’ tools, entirely graphically, quickly and without writing any command in console.

    In effect, at the beginning of this project, I wanted to monitor some network equipments but quickly I’ve been stopped by the heaviness and the complexity of all existing Opensource solutions. This is not my idea to denigrate these sotfware but, simply, they not corresponded at my needs.

    In this way, I was interested by the ‘RRDtool’ software who should permit me to draw some beautiful network graphics but here is, alway I’ve been stopped by the complexity of this tools who can not be manipulate by another way than in Unix or Linux text console.     

    Therefore, after some hours manipulate the multiples options and parameters of this tool, without knowing where I was going, I looked for a graphical interface only for this software. I did not find any software like this, I started to build my proper software in the spirit of what I was desired:

  1.   graphical, simple, educational software and modular.

  1. graphical:

  2. -because it’s most simple to use the mouse than write commands on the keyboard.

  3. -because choose visually a color is most simple than search his hexadecimal code (Ex: #00FF00 bleu).

  4. simple:

  5. -the description of all databases and graphics in the ‘rrdtool’ software can be make only by ‘key word’, these having each one many options. So, the graphical interface exclude risks of error by proposing only good options associate for each key word for example.

  6. -creation of databases or graphics in the graphical interface can be made manually by choosing key words and options, or choosing among existing yet models, so even the persons not initiated to this tool use it.

  1. educational software:

  2. - all persons who want learn how to use the ‘rrdtool’ software could try manually with the different options that available or using and analyzing how the existing models are built.

  3. -all manuals and documentations are available directly in the graphical interface so the explications in line of each option and select box.

  1. modular:

  2. -all files created by the graphical interface are simple text files so It’s easy to re-use there and they are open at all. Each file as ‘database model’, for example, contain exactly options to transmit at the ‘rrdtool’ command. Therefore, It’s possible to use the graphical interface only to obtain easily the options that you hope use to create your proper databases.

  3. -all components of the graphical interface are standalone and can be used one by one independently.

  1. B.  Caracteristics of graphical interface:

  1.     The graphical Interface ‘gbRRDGraphix’ has been entirely developed in basic language who is named ‘GAMBAS’, created by Benoit Minisini.

  2.     I choose this programming language because it allow to build quickly and very easily software of quality while enjoying the power and flexibility of modern languages.

  3.      For the moment, the graphical interface is developed in Gambas Basic version 1.0.x. because this version of ‘Gambas’ is available on the majority of all Linux distributions at this time.

  4.     The next versions of this interface will be developed in version 2.x of Gambas to enjoy of all new possibilities of this language.

  5. The graphical interface contain this 4 components:

  1. 3.Database and Graphics manager for ‘rrdtool’:

  2. Databases analysis

  3. Deleting of databases

  4. Creation wizard of databases

  5. Manager of creation/modification/deleting of databases models

  6. Display of graphics

  7. Deleting of graphics

  8. Edition of graphics definition

  9. Wizard of creation/modification/deleting of graphic models

  1. 4.Manager and Wizard for SNMP:

  2. Manager of SNMP request

  3. Wizard of creation/modification/deleting of SNMP models

  4. Wizard of databases and graphics creation from SNMP data by association of elements (by Drag and Drop)

  5. Backup/Restoration of SNMP association models to ‘rrdtool’

  1. 5.Manager of Web Site:

  2. Creation/modification/deleting of Web Site configurations

  3. Backup/Restoration of web Site configurations

  4. Update of Web Sites on Local Disk, by FTP or SCP

  1. 6.Manager of Scheduler:

  2. Creation/modification/deleting of Scheduler configurations

  3. Backup/Restoration of Scheduler configurations

  4. Importation/Exportation of configurations on Local Disk, by FTP or SCP

                                                                   UNDER CONSTRUCTION...

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